UV-C Miracle Wand Testimonial

As manager of a residential care home, the risk of COVID-19 and other viruses pose an ongoing risk to both our residents and staff. I would highly recommend the use of the UV-C light for use in care homes settings to support good infection control and risk management.

We use the UV-C Hand Held Sanitiser (upgrade from the original UV-C Miracle Wand purchased few years ago) daily as best practice alongside our daily cleaning regime on all hard and soft surfaces; high touch areas and items such as door handles, push plates and computer keyboards. The product is easy to use and covers a large area in one sweep. The company provided us with evidence of efficacy by way of Test Reports, showing kill rate on COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) of 1.3 seconds for 99% and 5.7 seconds for 99.9999%.

This handheld device is completely portable as it is powered by a battery pack which means that we can use it in any space and throughout the day, without been restricted by electrical cables. It is presented in a special storage case with protective accessories.

We also use the UV-C Mobile Room Sterilisers to sanitise individual rooms, and communal areas. These products have proven to sanitise large spaces and the handheld device can focus on smaller spaces/items and surfaces that may be hard to reach.

These products from MBR UV-C Light Products have been invaluable to us here at St Peters Hall and supports the infection control in the home. They are easy to use with minimal training for our staff to use safely. I would highly recommend this company and their products.

Samantha Jackson, Registered Manager – St. Peters Hall

We have purchased 3 of these UV-C Hand Held Sanitisers after purchasing the UV-C Mobile Room Sanitiser and the previous UV-C Hand Held Sanitisers (Miracle Wands) which were great products also.

The new UV-C hand held sanitiser is a game changer in the fight to kill viruses (Covid/Sars 2) our clients have been really impressed to see these in use alongside traditional deep cleaning methods. The Unit is very well made, robust and easy to use and covers a good size area.

The 24 Volt battery is durable and can be in constant use for an hour only depleting around 30% of the battery life. It is presented in a silver coloured brief case which contains gloves, eye protection, battery charger and unit, all in all it looks impressive and professional.

With the added data for the kill claims for Covid/Sars 2 in a matter of seconds I can see many people purchasing this. I would recommend Rose and MBR and will be buying more of these units.

Paul Kirby, Director – PK Cleaning and Security Limited