UV-C Hand Held Sanitiser®

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(UV-C Miracle Wand V.2)

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Kills COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus in less than 1.3 seconds. UV-C output tested and verified by a 3rd party independent UV light specialist in the UK. The most powerful portable UV-C sanitiser on the market.

The UV-C Hand Held Sanitiser® (UV-C Miracle Wand V.2) delivers a high UV-C dose, proven to kill bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2), in less than 1.3 seconds, making it a must have tool in the fight against diseases in the healthcare, commercial and food industry.

Rapid disinfection of healthcare equipment, hard/soft surfaces and individual items. Kills 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and reduces cross-contamination; resulting in a cleaner and safer environment.

  • Specially designed to protect the user, whilst operating
  • Quick and easy to use without any special training
  • Up to 2.5 hours usage on a single charge
  • Covers a large area, approx. 50.8 cm x 30.48 cm in one sweep


Powerful, fast and effective disinfection in seconds

This unique and innovative UV-C Hand Held Sanitiser® (UV-C Miracle Wand V.2) is an affordable and essential tool for every establishment. It is powered by a special custom-built battery pack providing up to 2.5 hours of usage on a single charge. It’s the most powerful battery operated, hand held UV-C unit available on the market worldwide and the unique design protects the user from the UV-C light whilst in operation.

3rd Party independent testing demonstrates 99.9999% kill rate in seconds. Our UV-C light was tested under BS EN 13697:2001.

Completely portable, no trailing electrical leads – Can safely be used in any environment to quickly sanitise items and surfaces in a matter of seconds:

  • Hard of soft surfaces, including upholstery
  • High touch items and surfaces such as ‘blood pressure cuffs’ in hospitals and GP surgeries
  • Inside ambulances
  • Desktops, doctors and nurses work stations
  • Computers, laptops, tablets and keyboards (especially where there are multiple users)
  • Doorknobs, door handles
  • Countertops and food surfaces
  • Telephones, remote controls, elevator buttons, works stations, tools and utensils

A dry method of decontamination, with no chemicals or residues

The power of the UV-C lamp and unique design makes it perfect for sanitising large areas in a single operation without trailing electrical cables. Providing complete, chemical-free sanitisation using powerful germicidal UV-C light (254nm), whilst leaving no harmful residue or by product.

It’s designed to be used in conjunction with daily routine cleaning as ‘best practice’ to achieve the highest level of hygiene. Our UV-C light kills bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and moulds that may remain on surfaces and items after routine cleaning.

The UV-C Hand Held Sanitiser® (UV-C Miracle Wand V.2) can be used throughout the day and as many times as required without any special training. It is housed within a bespoke light sturdy flight case with UV protective glasses and gloves. This elegant storage case allows easy and safe movement from site to site.

A versatile solution for all organisations

UV-C Hand Held Sanitiser® is ideal for daily use on all surfaces by a range of organisations including hospitals, doctors and dentist surgeries, contact cleaning companies, estate facilities & janitorial management services, office cleaners, schools, nurseries and playgroups, day care centres, nursing and care homes, veterinary surgeries, hotels, restaurants, cafes (it is also food safe), bars, gymnasiums and in vehicles (cars, taxis, vans and and on public transport).

Health and safety

Never directly exposure the skin or eyes to UV-C light.

Always wear the UV protective spectacles and gloves supplied, and long sleeves.

You can read more about UV health and safety here.

Directions for use

Please read the full instructions supplied with the UV-C Hand Held Sanitiser® to ensure safe use and maximum effectiveness.

  1. It is recommended that UV-C disinfection takes place following manual cleaning.
  2. Ensure the battery is fully charged prior to use.
  3. Put on the UV spectacles and gloves prior to switching on.
  4. Ensure the unit is facing away from the body.
  5. Switch on the unit using the on/off button.
  6. Leave to warm up for 2 minutes (reaching maximum UV-C output).
  7. Adopting a slow scanning motion, wave the UV lamp approximately 1-inch over the surface to be sanitised.
  8. An exposure time of 10 seconds exceeds the UV-C dose level required to kill most bacteria and viruses.
  9. Switch off the unit when not in use.
  10. Allow the lamp to cool down before storing in the storage case.

Technical data

Part number MBRHHS2020
Operation On/off switch
UV source 1 x 24W UV-C twin lamp
UV wavelength 254nm
Run time 2.5 hours on a single charge (recharge between use for optimum output)
Charging time 5-6 hours for first time use
Charger 29.4V 1A – 0.5 amp
Power supply requirement for charger 100 –240V / 50 – 60 Hz
UV-C lamp weight 2 Kg
Packaged weight 5 Kg

Fully Compliant with CE-RoHS, CE-LVD, CE-EMC, UN38.3, MSDS and Safe Transport Certifications.

Spectral output