UV-C Mobile Room Disinfection

£18,000.00 inc. VAT

Mobile disinfection unit for fast and effective disinfection of unoccupied rooms and areas.

A complete solution with performance and safety covered.

  • Includes tablet for remote operation
  • Effective from just 10-minutes
  • Motion sensors to prevent personal exposure
  • Stainless steel, glass safe and waterproof
  • Manufactured in the UK

Used to disinfect hospitals, care homes, hospices, offices, gyms throughout the UK.


The complete solution for air and surface disinfection

Designed specifically for organisations looking to disinfect multiple rooms and areas, the UV-C Mobile Room Disinfection system has performance and safety covered.

It delivers a high UV-C dose from just a 10 minute run time, with the option to extend the cycle time for larger areas.

Robust and reliable

Manufactured from stainless steel, it is designed to last. It’s also waterproof, so can be washed down if required. The eight germicidal tubes are contained within a UV-C transmitting coating, meaning it is glass safe and suitable for sensitive environments including hospitals and food manufacturing facilities.

UV health and safety

To ensure there is no personal exposure, the system is supplied with a Wi-fi enabled tablet which allows the user to begin the cycle from outside the room. There are options to pause or stop the cycle, and should anyone enter the room whilst in operation, the 360 degree motion sensors will turn the UV lamps off immediately as soon as movement is detected.

You can read more about UV health and safety here.

Directions for use

The UV-C Mobile Room Disinfection system has been designed to be as simple as possible to operate, and does not require any training to use.

  1. Wheel the unit in to the room you wish to disinfect.
  2. For rooms 6m x 6m or smaller*, place in the centre of the room.
  3. Connect the blue waterproof cable to the base of the system, and plug the 3-pin plug in to the mains power and ensure the emergency stop button is ‘out’.
  4. Leave the room, taking the Wi-fi enabled tablet with you (please note you do not need to connect the tablet to your own Wi-fi network.
  5. Wait a few moments for the system to scan the room, ensuring there is no movement.
  6. Turn on the tablet, press the start-up icon and log in using the pin number provided.
  7. This will take you to the main operation screen, with the timer pre-set to 10 minutes (the minimum recommended time).
  8. Press START. An audible alarm will sound to let those nearby know the unit is about to come on and the system will once again scan the room for movement.
  9. Should no movement be detected, the UV lamps will turn on and the timer will begin to count down.
  10. If at any point you need to pause the cycle, press PAUSE on the main operation screen, press RESUME to restart.
  11. Should any movement be detected, the lights will cut out, an alarm will sound and a warning will appear on the user screen.
  12. The cycle can be reset and restarted.
  13. Once the timer reaches zero, a success message will appear on the screen notifying the operator that the cycle has finished.
  14. Once complete, the operator can immediately enter the room to either remove the system, or reposition and run additional cycles for larger areas or to reduce shadowing.

*For larger areas, please refer to the full manual for recommendations on positioning, it may be that you are required to run multiple cycles to ensure full coverage.

Technical information

UV source 8 x 75W high output germicidal UV-C tubes
UV wavelength 254nm
UV source lifespan 9,000 hours
Power supply requirements 220-240V 50Hz
Construction material Stainless steel
CE marked Yes
Power 700W
Weight 89 Kg
Dimensions 600 x 600 x 1,870 mm
Rating IP 65
UV-C dose at 3m (10 minute cycle) 600 J/m2

Spectral output