UV-C Fixed Room Disinfection

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Fixed mount UV-C lamps for disinfection of air and surfaces in unoccupied rooms and areas. Ideal for rapid disinfection of air and surfaces in unoccupied rooms and areas.

  • 4m x 4m coverage based on standard 2.5 m ceiling height
  • Minimum run time for standard output unit 20 minutes
  • Minimum run time for high output unit 10 minutes
  • 1-2 hour cycle overnight for a deep clean
  • Supplied with 2 metre cable and plug
  • Glass safe and waterproof
  • Manufactured in the UK

Please note: There can be no personal exposure to UV light it is recommended these units are installed in combination with timers, sensors and/or interlocks.



Disinfect air and surfaces in unoccupied areas

UV-C treatment offers a dry, chemical free method of air and surface decontamination. Equipment and surfaces exposed to UV-C light will be disinfected.

On-demand or overnight disinfection

Connect to timers, sensors or interlocks to contain UV light when in use.

Use multiple units for larger rooms and areas

Each unit covers a 4m x 4m area when mounted at 2.5-3m ceiling height. Multiple units can be used to disinfect larger rooms and areas.

UV health and safety

It’s essential there is no personal exposure to UV-C light, due to the potential adverse health effects associated with overexposure. The exposure limits at this wavelength are extremely small that it’s essential to…

You can read more about UV health and safety here.

Technical data

UV source 8 x 17W germicidal UV-C tubes
UV source lifespan 9,000 hours
UV wavelength 254nm
Minimum UV-C dose (1 minute) 600 J/m2
Construction material Anodised aluminium
Power 150W
Power supply requirement 220-240V 50Hz
CE marked YES
Dimensions x
Maximum dimensions for items to be disinfected x
Cycle time 1 minute

Spectral output

Additional information


Standard output (72W), High output (150W)