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Definitely would recommend to all personal trainers

5.0 rating
February 11, 2014

Since I started using the UV-C Air Purifier in my personal gym, I have noticed a huge difference in the quality and freshness of the air. It has helped my clients perform a lot better when training and have helped with their stamina and they are less breathless when training. I would highly recommend this product to all personal trainers, gyms owners and for all those suffering with airborne allergies. I also use the Air Purifier in my bedroom at night, which helps me to sleep better.

Tony Lloyd (Personal Trainer and owner of Fighting Fits Martial Arts School)

Saving money and time

5.0 rating
January 17, 2013

We are a full day care nursery provider with two nursery sites in Birmingham. We first became aware of using UV-C light technology through a presentation at our nursery by representatives from MBR Imports. Having reviewed the benefits of using this technology, we ordered several UV-C Air Purifiers and Miracle Wands to use across both our sites. The Miracle Wands have become a very valuable part of our cleaning and sanitising routine. The Wand is now used to sanitise toys that we would have normally been washed with sanitising fluid. We are therefore not only saving money on sanitising fluid, but we are also saving time on washing and drying the toys. The ease and use of the Wand also allows us to sanitise soft furnishings/bedding and fabric toys which again would normally be much more time consuming in washing and drying with the added cost of liquids and detergents. Another observed benefit is that our staff enjoys using the Wand! We switch on our UV-C Air Purifiers first thing in the morning and leave them to run the full day we are open, one noticeable benefit is that the air feels lighter and fresher. We have also witnessed a significant rise of 30% increased attendance at both nurseries. Children are ill less often and we believe that it is because of the use of UV-C technology within our nurseries. This has enabled our children to improve in their development and achievement which is good for our standards and parents have noticed that their children are ill less often leading to better attendance at work! In our experience the products are brilliant and of huge benefit to our organisation. We personally feel the customer service and ‘after sales’ of MBR Imports / UV-C Light Products is second to none; one of our UV-C Air Purifiers stopped working and no sooner had we reported it, it was exchanged immediately! We are extremely satisfied and would highly recommend the use of the UV-C Miracle Wand and UV-C Air purifiers supplied by MBR Imports to all nurseries and day care centres. Zahra Ramsay – Administration & Finance Manager

Kool Kidz Nursery

Cured eczema

5.0 rating
November 29, 2012

I have been waking up sneezing and coughing at night and in the mornings for as long as I can remember. This rhinitis combined with itchy eczema did not make for a very restful night. It had just become a way of life – albeit not a very nice one. I have a very demanding but enjoyable working life in the City. My job takes me all over the world but I started to find it a real inconvenience to maintain the high levels of energy needed to do my job. I often felt as though I was coming down with flu. This was the trigger for me to do something to improve my health. First point of attack for the rhinitis was my bed, as I had read that dust mites can be the main culprits in cases like mine. My wife started to use the UV-C Miracle Wand once a week on the surfaces in our bedroom and the UVC Bed Vac on the mattress, pillows and bedding and was interested to see if it would have any effect. After just one use the sneezing reduced during the night and I enjoyed my first unbroken night’s sleep in years. Even better, after the second use my eczema started to improve. After a month it had gone completely. Now three months on my rhinitis is under control and I generally sleep well every night. If I stay away in a hotel I quite often have a relapse – possibly due to the dust mites resident in the bed. A thought that makes coming home to my own bed even more attractive!



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