This sterilising U.V lamp is EXCELLENT

5.0 rating
October 19, 2017

Had no idea how much I was going to be relying on this lamp. I have been using it in my ongoing “war “ against Bird mites & Bird lice which have invaded my house after my chimney was blocked solid with birds nests. Once the fledgings left, my pets & myself were next on the menu! Works best if set up ready to go in the dark for a spell before activating. Anything creepy-crawly can’t seem to resist investigating & get zapped. As others have said, leaves the room with a clean, fresh laundered smell also. I should think this would be a good piece of kit for asthma sufferers also. So impressed I treated my Mum & friend to one each too.


Generates soft air, like after a thunder storm

5.0 rating
October 8, 2017

The first thing to note after using this, is the wonderfully soft air. There is a slight burning smell, and very soft air, like after a thunder storm.
The remote control is a great idea, and prevents accidental switching on of the lamp. The sequence is:
1. press on/off button – it will beep and the LEDS’s will light up.
2. press a timer button (15 min, 30 mins or 60 mins)
3. press the on/off button to go.
4. Next there’s a 30 second delay – to allow you time to close the door and leave the room.
There will be a faint smell but that clears very quickly. You’ll be left with fresh soft air, which is amazing.
Use for 20 mins to kill MRSA, and 45 mins for C-Diff. The times will depend on the size of the room and the bug that you are trying to combat.
The great news is that this is strong enough to fight hospital infections that otherwise need 140 degree stream or chlorine bleach.


Extremely beneficial

5.0 rating
February 20, 2014

I have been using the Refrigerator Steriliser and Deodoriser for approximately one month now, and have definitely seen a substantial improvement in the storage life of fruit, salad and veg in my refrigerator. My wife and I shop once a week and store salads, fruit and veg over this period and found that some items would not last this time. For example ‘pre-sliced’ runner beans would not, previously last a full week; now they do and in fact often longer! At the moment I am using an Iceberg Lettuce, bought over two weeks ago (for once benefitting from a ‘2 for the price of 1’ offer) and it is still fresh! In regard to the products ability to neutralise odours, I do not, unfortunately have a good sense of smell to have noticed. However my wife does, and whereas she previously often complained of smells in the fridge, she has not done since the product was installed! All in all, the Refrigerator Steriliser and Deodoriser has been extremely beneficial, and I would definitely recommend it to others!

Mr. Burbridge (Retired Scientist)

Definitely would recommend to all personal trainers

5.0 rating
February 11, 2014

Since I started using the UV-C Air Purifier in my personal gym, I have noticed a huge difference in the quality and freshness of the air. It has helped my clients perform a lot better when training and have helped with their stamina and they are less breathless when training. I would highly recommend this product to all personal trainers, gyms owners and for all those suffering with airborne allergies. I also use the Air Purifier in my bedroom at night, which helps me to sleep better.

Tony Lloyd (Personal Trainer and owner of Fighting Fits Martial Arts School)

Effective, easy to use, and flexible

5.0 rating
January 29, 2014

At Macdet, we ensure a safe and clean premise at all times. To ensure safety for our customers, I searched for safe, reliable, and effective products. I came across MBR UV-C Light Products and was immediately captivated. We purchased the Bed Vacuums and use them in hotels rooms, on bed sheets, mattresses, pillows and curtains. We also use the Miracle Wands to sterilize all types of surfaces, like keyboards, door handles, elevator buttons and more. These products are great because they are effective, easy to use, and flexible. We use the products for different applications. Another point I would add is the customer service at MBR UV-C Light Products, it is outstanding and commendable.

Ian Harrison (Purchasing and Health & Safety Executive)


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