We have always known that flies can carry harmful diseases but the extent to which they can spread these diseases is shown in the study below – the flies only need to land on a surface to pass any bacteria they are carrying. When you consider all the places that flies land it can almost start to make you feel a bit sick already – but there is a solution! The UV-C Mobile Room Steriliser is easy-to-use, and an effective way to sterilise your surfaces and indoor air. Simply place the unit in the room you want sterilised, set the timer using the remote (included) and away you go. The device will not turn on for 30 seconds to allow you to leave the room, and will automatically switch off when the time is done. From this, all surfaces the light has hit will be sterilised and ready to use. All from 3 button presses – one to switch the device on, one to set the timer and one to get it going.  The UV-C Mobile Room Steriliser is currently available with free UK shipping – simply apply coupon code FREEUK at checkout. Get yours now.