A tried and tested method of disinfection

UV-C light is not a new technology. It has been in use since the late 1800’s and is a proven technology for killing bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, mould, for air and water purification. More recently, it was used effectively in the fight against SARS, MERS and Ebola.

It is one of the few technologies that is being used in the fight against the novel coronavirus that is spreading globally. Many institutions worldwide are now utilising the germicidal properties of UV-C to sanitise their premises. In order to effectively kill off any germs, the dosage of UV-C must be of sufficient output at 254nm.

As reports are emerging on the effectiveness of the UV-C technology, many companies are offering products incorporating the UV-C light. Be cautious when purchasing some of these products as the lamp wattage and UV-C output are very low and will not be effective in killing COVID-19.

Never expose skin or eyes directly to UV-C germicidal light, as this can cause damage. It will not tan nor should it be used on any part of the body as some reports in the media have suggested recently.

UV-C at 254nm breaks down the DNA of germs and is very different to UV-A and UV-B.

MBR UV-C Light Products Limited

MBR UV-C Light Products design and sell revolutionary hygienic products that utilises state of the art cleansing UV-C germicidal light; to eliminate airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, mould and microorganisms, thus creating a safe and clean environment in which to live and work.

We are the first company to introduce a range of handheld portable UV-C products for use in commercial environment. Our products sanitise without excessive waste, carbon emissions, and harsh chemicals.

Our range of solutions strive to support a move towards sustainability in our community and worldwide. We envisage the need for affordable, portable, yet powerful hand held UV-C appliances, which lend themselves to daily usage as part of best practice cleaning regime.

Our products are simple to use with no harmful by-products, but effective outcome. We provide world class service and we are dedicated to providing assistance wherever it is needed to ensure your business and home reaps the numerous benefits of UV-C technology.

Our unique and innovative UV-C range will create a point of difference, providing natural rapid sanitisation in a range of environments, including;

  • offices;
  • commercial kitchens;
  • healthcare settings;
  • hotels;
  • hospitality;
  • nurseries; and
  • care homes.