Home of the World’s most powerful battery powered UV-C Sanitising Wand UV-C Hand Held Sanitiser® (UV-C Miracle Wand V.2)

Kills COVID in less than 1.3 seconds

Powerful and effective UV-C disinfection solutions to kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.

The UV-C Hand Held Sanitiser® delivers a high UV-C dose, proven to kill bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2) in as little as 1.3 seconds, making it a must have tool in the fight against COVID-19 in the healthcare, commercial and food industry.

Fully compliant with CE-RoHS, CE-VLD, CE-EMC, UN38.3, MSDS and Safe Transport Certifications.

UV-C light has become the go-to technology in the fight against COVID-19, bacteria and viruses

Quick and easy to set up with fast disinfection times

Effective against all bacteria and viruses

A clean and environmentally friendly solution

A dry and chemical free process leaving no residues

“Clean the Unseen” with our UV-C disinfection products

UV-C light safety

UV-C light is harmful to the skin and eyes. Therefore, please read and follow the safety instructions and use the personal protective accessories or equipment provided; or to purchase safety equipment, please contact us.

We offer information and optional training to ensure;

  • Safe use of UV-C light equipment in the workplace;
  • Risk assessment and safety compliance; and
  • Peace of mind that staff and visitors to your establishment are protected.

Learn more with our guide to UV-C health and safety.

Why UV-C Light Products?


Industrial scale UV-C purification units require rooms to be empty for safe usage and their size and cost mean they are not practical for all businesses or scenarios. With this in mind, we identified the need for lightweight yet powerful hand held appliances that could be used daily as part of best practice ‘belt and braces’ sanitising regime.

Far from resting on our laurels, we have continued to monitor academic research, develop the product range and remain vigilant for additional opportunities to further develop our offering.


We work with some of the highest profile businesses in the UK and worldwide, specialising in supporting innovators and market leaders in delivering something new as part of their service; offering and an additional level of hygiene protection for their end user community.

As such, we go beyond “just selling products”; we are dedicated to ensuring the businesses that are rolling out the use of our UV-C technology, receive the best service and support from us here at UV-C Light Products.

Whether that means providing training for staff who will be operating the machines or pre-roll out consultation on how best to incorporate the use of the products into current business process, we are here to help wherever you need it most.


Our mission at MBR UV-C Light Products Ltd is to provide a range of solutions to help our customers maintain a best practice-cleaning regime, minimising the levels of germs they are exposed to without adversely affecting the environment with excessive waste, carbon emissions, harsh chemicals and cleansers.

We support actions that influence our community and the movement toward sustainability.

We believe it is no longer necessary to use harsh chemicals and bleaches to clean and sanitise your work or home environment, which can be damaging to health; especially to cleaning staff who are constantly exposed to the toxic fumes from chemical cleaning solutions.

By utilising the natural properties of UV-C germicidal light found in all our products, you can enjoy a 99.9999% germ kill rate whilst also minimising your impact on the environment.